D800- my experience

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Re: D800- my experience

D800 needs some time to get used to. The focus mode should always be on focus priority, the number of AF sensors used must be made carefully. Using all 51 often throws it off balance. The reduced DOF compared to the D300 takes some getting used to. The shutter speed needs to be high. 1/2x focal length at least. VR can cause problems. You see  it when the VR was not fully in sync. This is typical for the first shot being less in focus than the 2-4. I either turn VR off or have learnt that I need to half press the shutter longer before taking the shot.

After 8 months I am now at least as confident with my D800 for fast moving subjects as I was with my D300, but one thing needs to be said. The D800 will show faults (slight blur, AF not perfectly centred) that will largely go unnoticed with a D300.

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