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Re: Release Lag Time, C-AF lock, and IS

Martin.au wrote:

GAitken wrote:

Brian Wadie wrote:

I'm afraid I'm lazy and have the CAF release lock set to Normal as my default, likewise with the Release on focus confirmation "On" (which in typical Olympus style means its disabled ) (.

I've not seen any undesirable consequences of doing so and it means the camera is always set the way I want when I go to CAF

Hmmm, ok.

As long as you want those things set *all* the time, that kinda works, since restoring a myset doesn't overwrite things that a myset doesn't save. That might work for C-AF Lock, since the setting only applies to C-AF and not other focus modes. But it seems a poor choice for Release Lag Time, since it shortens battery life and seems unsafe as a general rule. To quote the manual:

"Also make sure that the camera is not subject to sharp impacts while in use. Such impacts may cause the monitor to stop displaying subjects. If this happens, turn the power off and on again."

I don't think it's generally a good idea to leave a camera in a state that the manufacturer claims causes it to malfunction on occasion. Particularly something that sounds like it should be totally unrelated to the malfunction described. That smells of some kind of race condition where all sorts of things might be problematical.

It's hypothesized that an electromagnet is being used to hold the shutter open. Jar the camera and you can overcome the magnet and close the shutter.

I can see how that might be what's going on.  If that's the case, at what point does the shutter / electromagnet actuation *start*?  Is it on a half-press?  If so, that wouldn't be so bad.  But what if it's in this state all the time the camera is on?

It's no big deal, and I don't see any impact (lol) in general use.

That's what everyone thought until the avalanche which no-one had ever heard of came down.  Or the mudslides. Or...

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