Where to get lenses cleaned in San Jose or Bay Area

Started Feb 15, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Re: Where to get lenses cleaned in San Jose or Bay Area

Whoever resurrects the oldest thread wins a prize, right?

I was testing an old Tokina 17mm f/3.5 RMC of mine, now that I finally have full frame and digital in the same camera (D610). It has been many years since I last used this lens.

Unfortunately, all of my images look as though I accidentally fogged the front element with my breath. But there isn't any fog on the lens. Removing the lens, shining a penlight into the front, and looking from the back, I can see what appears to be a patch of condensation inside the lens, close to the back. It's not blotchy or stringy but just a very uniform white haze. It's not likely to be water; the lens hasn't been near significant humidity for years.

So, does this sound like the sort of thing that's fairly easy to clean? Does anyone know of a place in the Bay Area likely to do it successfully without charging more than the $150 or so that the lens is worth?

If it could be cleaned easily but not cheaply, any advice on doing it myself? I suppose I should at least try before throwing it away, and it's a purely mechanical lens, so a REAL man ought to be able to fix it, right? [Heaven help me....]

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