Please Help Me Understand Something About the 5dmkIII IQ

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Re: Please Help Me Understand Something About the 5dmkIII IQ

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I think this thread would be helped greatly by some examples. Side by sides of the same subject & lens with three or four of the cameras mentioned might help illustrate the points better.

I have travelled through the 5D to the 5DII and on to the 5DIII. It does take a while to learn each camera. All the while Lightroom has evolved and changed a lot as well. In LR 5 I notice have to bump the vibrance way higher than I used to in previous versions.

The custom profile software from Canon has always been in my toolkit. I have created a profile for each lens that corrects a lot of colors to match reality in my view. This could also be a place to start to get the look you want.

Oh, the examples again

Adding random side by side images will not help one bit. We are talking about a look and feel in overall character and how older files behave when you stretch them. It's a subtle feeling some won't even notice. And it depends on light. In fact, in some situations you might not be able to tell the difference between a Canon and Iphone - colorwise that is.

You mention that you've been working with all three 5D models. Do you see a difference in your old 5D files compared to the newer models?

As for the profile part, yes it helps if you know how to alter the camera profile to tune colors to your liking in different situations/light or want the colorchart look, BUT it will not help your new Canon look like the older palette.

I agree the 5D had a certain look to it. But I would also say that if something is so difficult to perceive then is it really worth all of the attention? Do your customers say, "boy those older shots just look better"... If something is at the "trust me it's there" point, i have learned over the years that it is not worth my small business owner time to dwell on, as very few will ever notice it if ever.

Not saying anybody is wrong here but if a side by side does not show it, how much really exisits?

I did notice more detail in prints when I moved to the MKII from the MKI I really prefer the shutter on the MKIII over all of them. It very well may be the larger pixels which we will probably never go back to.

...actually one my customers did say"wow i really like this image,the colors are really,really nice"..has the look of film..doen't look like digital"..and yes it was from an older camera(smiling)

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