Please Help Me Understand Something About the 5dmkIII IQ

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Re: Please Help Me Understand Something About the 5dmkIII IQ

marcio_napoli wrote:

Yeah, Scott, totally agree.

I said that "thousand shots" talk for fear that people would consider me nuts if I said it's something so easy to see that it's visible from shot 1.

But yes, I agree.

For some cameras, the magic is there at first sight.

D30 is another fine example, for sure. It's only 3 mp, but I've seen shots that blown me away! (those creamy colors)

If anyone is interested, I could post some RAWs from my 9 micron digital back (22mp). There're lots of magic happening there too.

Anyone interested? I could post a bunch of files on 4shared.

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Marcio Napoli

please post them,would like to see in the nikon camp..even though i shoot primarily with d700/300s..i prefer the "look" of my old d2h for its great color/skin tones at low iso of course..d200 & d2x also excellent..since this is a canon thread has anyone seen the iq and color of the old canon 10d..AND original 6mp digital rebel at iso 100?..FANTASTIC

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