Please Help Me Understand Something About the 5dmkIII IQ

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Re: Please Help Me Understand Something About the 5dmkIII IQ

Scott Larson wrote:

Comparing images between my 5D Mark II and my two 1D cameras (Mark III and Mark IV), I notice the 5D Mark II images are rough at the pixel level even at ISO 400 while they're much smoother with the 1D cameras. This is especially obvious with clear blue skies. The skies in the 5D Mark II images have a lot more variation in luminosity at the pixel level. The 1D images have much smoother blue skies.

I think this is caused by chroma noise reduction. RAW images from my 5D Mark II prove that even at ISO 400 there is a lot of red noise that the JPEG engine is eliminating. It's doing a great job but it's not perfect and it leaves the image a little rough.

The smoothest images I ever got was from the old 3 megapixel D30. Blue skies at ISO 100 were just perfectly solid blue.

i like to comment on this..i'm from the other camp(nikon)most..all? of my colleagues are canon shooters with the older 1dmk2n,1dmk3 and original 5d classic,these guys are serious "shooters" and they will not give up those cameras for any of the newer canon cameras,because of the great output...even with the great advancements in high iso, megapixel, and af performance..they are sticking with what works for them..i'm in the same boat somewhat..still using the old outdated d2h for it's great color/skin tones compared to my newer low iso's of course.many here will disagree but it seems the older cameras were optimized for better the expense of higher iso performance.interesting thread and very informative feedback from the veteran and knowledgeable posters

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