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Internet Speed

Having with my head in the sand for some time now, I see that internet service providers are now using megabits per second and not megabytes per second as their new rating system.

In my area Charter Cable advertises that their internet is 10 times faster than AT&T's fastest internet.

Charter offers 60 Mbps and AT&T offers 45 Mbps.

Ten times faster?  At least that is what was stated on the voice recording when I called Charter.

I can honestly state that until today I would have thought that Mbps represented megabytes per second.  OK, label me stupid.  Been using computers since 1986 and did not know that.

So when I purchased my Charter Cable internet, it was 8 megabytes per second.  The speed consistently tests at about 3.5 megabytes per second.

When I call to complain, they say that what I have is up to spec since I have up to 30 Mbps.

They no longer talk in terms of megabytes.

What a scam.

When I asked the sales person what the difference was between megabit and megabyte, after some time to ask around, her answer was that megabit was for sending data and megabyte was for storing data.

Okay.  I'm good with that.

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