2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

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Re: 2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

superstar905 wrote:

I currently have an EPL5 and have been wondering if the 3 axis EM10 or 5 axis EM5 would give me a better f-stop advantage than my 2 axis EPL5 with non stabilized lenses?

I like the 12-40 for convenience but at 2.8 it may not be good enough for indoor family photo's (not to mention its size is prohibitive, but thats a different subject) unless the different levels of stabilization can make up the difference. Comparing to my 12 f2 and 45 f1.8 as a reference point. If I could get that in one lens then it might be worth ditching those primes in favour of the 12-40.

IBIS variants are not the solution you seek. You'll end up with nice photos of stationary things - like furniture - and subject motion blur on all the people.

For indoor family photos, you might occasionally want sub f/2.8 - but I do find f/2.8 to be a pretty good place for reasonable depth of field. But even then you may not have enough light.

But the real solution you seek is a boring big old bounce flash. Bounce it up. Bounce it up and back. Bounce it to the side. Generate lots of nice diffuse light.

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