I am TIRED of ViewN2X

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Re: I am TIRED of ViewN2X

Rich Rosen wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Rich Rosen wrote:

Do you have Lightroom or Aperture? I use both, and find I can transfer from camera directly into either program.

You can do that with Nikon Transfer also. It can also be used to download images from any other camera, memory card or external hard drive, DVD or whatever else holding images.

Everything that Nikon makes is too slow and cumbersome, even if its still free.

I disagree.

My experience, with Nikon is that it is slow. That experience is several years old as I deserted Nikon once I realized how slow it was. Now that may have changed since I last used it. I have Nikon transfer which I keep for emergencies when one of the other programs I have hasn't upgraded to deal with a new raw file. I also have Nikon view for the same reason.

A lot has changed... With the 64 bit versions it is not slow. I don't care if I have to wait several minutes for a few hundred images to be downloaded, I can do other stuff in the meantime. When I edit I use CNX2, also 64 bit version, and it is fast enough, considering the D800 file sizes. Perhaps there are faster software available, but not better, in my opinion.

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