Upgrade from D90 to New D7000 for $599...Worth it?

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Re: How is your D90 letting you down? ...

David Lal wrote:

bc1976 wrote:

Thinking it may be too good a deal to pass up. Agree/disagree? Thanks!

.. or to put it another way, what are you hoping to achieve by an 'upgrade' and would you actually use the new/additional features of a newer camera? Only then and only you can decide whether it is worth it.

Personally, were I in your shoes, a D7000 would not tempt me, a D7100 probably would. I upgraded from a D70 to a D300 a while ago and use both cameras but I do not see myself moving from the D300 for a long, long time.


i have d300s and love it to death,has been a great dx camera for me, always gets the shots for me and is a perfect complement to my d700..i dont particular care for d7000..BUT it does have great iq and BETTER high iso than my bullet proof d300s.the 16mp chip in d7000 is EXCELLENT..im not greedy..i would be perfectly happy with that chip in a d300s.fantastic dr and shadow pulling from that 16mp chip.the 24mp chipped nikon cameras are AWESOME too..damm you nikon for "crippling" d7100 with tiny buffer..patiently waiting for nikon's next high end dx camera with the right combination of fps/buffer/af performance and 24mp..wish they had the guts to put a modern ,tweaked dx 24mp chip in a d2h type body.in the meantime i will continue to use my 300s/d2h for my outdoor dx needs..might rethink my dx needs if the OTHER camera manufacturer releases their high end dx "mk2"with no response from nikon

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