Just purchased D610! Very excited...need help picking 50mm

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Re: Just purchased D610! Very excited...need help picking 50mm

HassanChop wrote:

Hey Everyone,

I just purchased a D610 and I'm extremely excited to start using it. I only purchased the body and I want to purchase a good quality 50mm prime lens.

I plan on keeping this lens for a while and I also want something that will give me good quality out of focus (bokeh) when working with DOF.

Can this be had for under $300? I'm open to Ebay, Amazon, and so on.

I would like to propose that you look on eBay for a 50mm f1.8D. By the time these things get to the used market they're dirt cheap even in excellent condition.

I just checked and there are a couple in the $30 range (neither one of which is mine )

I think people outgrow them and want faster lenses, sending these to eBay. The optical quality is very good. You do need to get around the slightly plastic feel, but the performance and durability don't seem to suffer for it. Unless you have some specific requirement you won't regret it, and even if you want to upgrade later, heck it's only $30

The metal screw on hood from Nikon is, I think, an HS-7 and likely costs more than the used lens. As the front element is deeply recessed, in my opinion neither a hood nor filter is required for protection unless you have salt or blowing debris.

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