Just purchased D610! Very excited...need help picking 50mm

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The 50mm 1.8G is a great lightweight lens for very little money... Sharp wide open too. The only drawback is that there can occasionally be slightly swirly bokeh, but not with every shot.

Congratulations on your 610!!

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I do see that the 50mm 1.8 is pretty reasonable at around $200. I assume this one would be the one you are talking about:


Also can someone recommend a lens hood and lens filter so it will protect froom scratching the glass.

Will the lens filter affect the picture quality?

That's the one. In filters I prefer B + W as do a lot of photographers. On the flop side, some fellows just won't use any. I bought some camera gear a year or so ago from a fellow that used to be a photojournalist. This was his personal gear, but he didn't use filters OR a lens cap and the glass was perfect. He had to go looking for the caps to give me.

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Photography - It's a passion No other reason required.

The only filters I use are ND and CP. I use the lens hood to keep my fingers off the glass.

And I get that. A lot of fellows feel the same way. But a lot of your glass doesn't cost much more than I pay in Toronto for a B + W filter, so you have little exposure to loss. But glass, such as my 80-400AF-S G is $3000, 70-200II $2500, 24-70 $2000 in rough numbers, and I'm not risking the front element for what little degradation might occur with a  high quality B + W filter. If I'm shooting something where I want to be certain of optimum quality I may pull a filter off - then again I may not.

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Photography - It's a passion No other reason required.

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