2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

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Re: 2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

superstar905 wrote:

I currently have an EPL5 and have been wondering if the 3 axis EM10 or 5 axis EM5 would give me a better f-stop advantage than my 2 axis EPL5 with non stabilized lenses?

I like the 12-40 for convenience but at 2.8 it may not be good enough for indoor family photo's (not to mention its size is prohibitive, but thats a different subject) unless the different levels of stabilization can make up the difference. Comparing to my 12 f2 and 45 f1.8 as a reference point. If I could get that in one lens then it might be worth ditching those primes in favour of the 12-40.

Without reading all the replies....

The "prohibitive size" of the 12-40mm on my E-PL5 gives me a nice chunky handful that is heavy enough to help combat shake and I find that I can shoot at slower speeds with it. I prefer not to use stabilisation if I can get away without it.

The E-PL5 IBIS adds about 3 stops in my case but that in a bit pointless with people in the frame indoors as the damned things move a lot and faster shutter speeds are needed, more like 1/125 sec for normal adults, 1/250 for kids and 1/500 or 1/1000 for kids fed sugar.

The only sensible way indoors is flash bounced off the ceiling and I have had success with the little FL-300R in bounce (it's my carry everywhere flash) or better the FL-36R (FL-600R now) for bigger rooms or higher ceilings. Faster shutter speeds are needed to help reduce the ambient and subject motion blur illuminated by the ambient light.

To try and make the lighting more interesting then the RC slave mode allows you to place a slave or two around the room to maybe deliver more interesting side light as well as the bounce off the ceiling. It all depends on what situation you are trying to capture.

Using the usual available dim room lights that feature the furniture and not the people then results will be questionable quality even with f/1.0 lenses, particularly the shallow depth of field will cause more problems then.

So indoors stabilisation is not the answer but imaginative flash use is.

Looks chunky, but for me handles very nicely indeed....

My current carry everywhere pair, in a proper shoulder bag of course.

Regards.... Guy

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