X-T1 Face Detection AF - 56mm @ f/1.2 - Model Shoot

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Re: X-T1 Face Detection AF - 56mm @ f/1.2 - Model Shoot

Great shots Chris.
Did you find it quick enough in FD mode that you would use it for street photography / children / family (i.e. candids when they are not posing)?
I tried FD on X-E2 in Burma and quickly switched to normal focus method.  I think this was before I discovered Performance ON benefits and the X-E2 FD is handicapped by not being assignable to function button.
However, on return I did some testing  (no real person available so used photo that's near my computer desk). With the X-E2 I found that even when the face was detected to actually focus/take shot was slow. much slower than normal focus method just mashing down on shutter with focus point over eye.
Having read your more +ve post I repeated the same test with X-T1. The focus is much, much snappier than X-E2. Still get the hesitation as the focus is adjusted to determine best contrast, but X-T1 seems to really get the 23mm I was using moving (some may complain its noisy!). Hopefully, X-E2 firmware can be updated to work like X-T1 in this area.
Also how did you find "release priority".  In my experience release priority does not prioritise release enough for my liking. Camera still tries to attain best focus and then fires shutter, which in most situations is exactly same as focus priority. The situation when release priority takes a shot that focus priority would not is when camera would not lock on to focus (or you were too close) - ie guaranteed OOF.  The way I expected release priority to work is  that if I mashed shutter release it would take shot immediately.

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