Elinchrom Skyport Trigger on Lumix GH2 Hotshoe Help

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Re: Elinchrom Skyport Trigger on Lumix GH2 Hotshoe Help

I have the Skyport with Elinchrom strobes and I also use a receiver with Olympus flashes. It's very easy to get the transmitter into speed mode. If the receiving unit is not in speed mode as well, it will not fire.

Take a look at the trigger and see if the green light is blinking once or a very quick two times. If it is doing a quick one two then you are in speed mode. To get back, simply hold the power button down until you see it switch back over to a single blink.

When my Quadra does not fire, it's usually this or I have not locked on the transmitter to the hot shoe tightly enough. I doubt it's your camera cUsing the problem.

Hope this helps,


DCooper wrote:

Hi guys,

I was wondering if I could get your help please.

I have bought an Elinchrom RX One Strobe Softbox set, which comes with the Skyport trigger for the Strobes. The trigger works fine on it's own, and when mounted on the GH2 hotshoe, it still works, probably because it is battery operated.

However I cannot get the GH2 to recognize the Skyport trigger when pressing the Shutter button. When I press the Shutter there is no Flash from the Strobes at all.

Would anyone know if I am doing something wrong and it does actually work, or does the Skyport trigger not work with the GH2? Or could the Skyport trigger or the Hotshoe be defective?

Thanks in advance,


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