Most Needed for Olympus Micro Four Thirds

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Re: Most Needed for Olympus Micro Four Thirds

I know you are kidding, but just to make it known - no knock on the system. I love it for weddings and glad to be in all the way with two bodies, multiple lenses, etc.

Yeah, I don't expect the camera manufacturers to dream up better battery technology, just simply hoping out loud that this will happen.

Impulses wrote:

It's not like Panasonic or Olympus have much control over battery technology... Actually Panasonic might, I know they're heavily invested in Ni-MH as well as industrial Li-Io, dunno if they manufacture Li-Io batteries for consumer stuff or sink any money into their R&D tho. If they do then their US distribution is even more terrible than I thought, OEM GX7/GF6 batteries have now been unavailable for several months straight.

There's certainly some incentive to crack this nut, but battery technology itself seems to evolve slowly (with major breakthroughs spread far apart) and most other consumer electronic markets improve battery life by just moving smaller and efficient manufacturing processes, which you can't easily do with a fixed sensor size. Your best bet is getting a camera with EVF and using it as much as possible...

Or going to a DSLR, a battery twice the size plus a passive OVF will get tons battery life! Just kidding, carrying extra batteries is obviously far more reasonable. If anything I wish there were more mirrorless cameras that could charge battery in-body, so you could run them off portable USB battery packs. (Or merely have an easier time charging one in the car)

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