Overexposed - some help please.

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Re: Overexposed - some help please.

Van Griff wrote:
8. Check for blinkies

Blinkies can be very helpful. Unfortunately, the LCD histogram and blinkies are based on the JPEG processing pipeline, and are generally conservative to what is really blown out in RAW.

Also, I beleive that your D700 is a generation before the sensors in many Nikons used the Sony sensors with wider dynamic range.

I use a Canon DSLR with has MagicLantern firmware with RAW histogram and blinkies. Prior to that, I had my Picture Style set to "Neutral" with saturation and contrast turned to Minimum. My understanding is that helped the JPEG rendition on the LCD be closer to what the RAW values were. I used UniWhiteBalance for a while, but it was a hassle with the green cast.

Here's something to consider: use the 30-day trial of the RawDigger utility, and for 30 days or so be intentional about experimenting to learn about what your histogram and blinkies are telling you. RawDigger used to be free when it was in Beta status. I learned a lot from using it.

and expose to the right on your histogram . . .

I'm an advocate of ETTR, but especially for static subjects where I can work slowly. This image is a situation where starting with ETTR might be less appropriate. Your D700 is very good with high ISO, so a priority would be to possibly error on the side of underexposure with the first capture using the camera's recommendation, to not blow out the bright clouds behind the horse.

adjust and re shoot the image if necessary.

It's a really nice composition, and those don't necessarily last that long. They can be gone in the blink of an eye. The lighting with the positioning of the subject is difficult. If you'd have had the time (and the young lady being patient), you might have been able to move a bit to picture's right so the rider and horse's body would have blocked the brightest part of the cloudy sun. Maybe.

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