17-85 err01 fix (aperture flex cable exchange)

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Re: 17-85 err01 fix (aperture flex cable exchange)

A great guide and very helpful, couldn't have done the job without this.

I note that there are 2 option for the repair, 1) replace just the cable, or 2) cable with the aperture part already fitted. Both availble from eBay, just costs more for the complete assembly. If the cable repair fails then the second option is still there as a back-up so you don't bin your lens.

I got the cable from eBay. Anyone attempting the soldering of the cable please take extreme care - I cannot stress this enough! The plastic melts really easily and the pins pull/fall out! I have seen a few guides where the person making the video has experienced failure and irreversibly damaged the part.

It’s also tricky to get the loop in the cable back right. See picture in 16 above, I didn’t do the pinch bit and just used the sticky tape,  already on the cable as supplied, to hold it in place.

For £7 it was a lot cheaper than a new lens! Good luck for anyone attempting this repair!

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