2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

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Re: 2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

superstar905 wrote:

Thanks. Now, does having 3 or 5 axis IBIS make a difference over 2 axis IBIS in gaining an FStop advantage?

I actually usually shoot wide open indoors with family shots and find wide open I usually have everyone in focus if the photo is everyone lined up together for the picture, only when people are at different distances do I have to stop down, but I get your point. I like the creativity flexibility with having a larger aperture.

I've looked at the 12-35 but would rather keep with Oly lenses for my Oly body..

Honestly, I don't notice much of a difference in stills, especially at the shutter speeds that are useful for people photography. It's not really a good idea to go below 1/10, even with stabilization. People can't hold still all that long. I do notice the difference in stabilization in video, but unless I'm walking around myself, I prefer OIS over 5-axis IBIS.

I'm curious why you want Oly lenses for Oly cameras. After all, one of the best things about the M43 platform is that you can mix and match between two different manufacturers. Any complaints of incompatibility tend to come from older generation bodies. The other thing about the 12-35 is that it's a smidge smaller and lighter than the 12-40.


only reason was I am a jpeg shooter and figured the oly wouldn't correct CA on photos using those lenses. I hate spending time in post though I know you can correct for this

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