D800- my experience

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Re: D800- my experience

I have not shot with a D7100 but I coming from the 24 mpx Sony A900, the resolution of the sony does not come close to what I shoot with now, the Nikon D800E. The D7100 is going to be close to the D800 and having no OLPF is going to be very sharp right out of the box. Since you shoot 50% sports and 50% landscape, people and other, I would get the D800E.

You already have some really good glass. And you will being using a tripod for your landscapes. I would say again get the D800E. If you tested both cameras on a tripod with a remote shutter release, mirror lock up, 2 second exposure delay you will see the D7100 can not produce a sharper higher resolution image than the D800E. Do not forget the crop advantage of the D800. Also the auto iso setting, with you setting the min. shutter speed works very well on the D800E. With the glass you have it would be a shame not to put it on the highest resolution camera you can buy. Of course if you could afford two camera bodies it would be the D4s for sports and the D800E for other.

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