2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

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Re: 2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

Thanks.   Now, does having 3 or 5 axis IBIS make a difference over 2 axis IBIS in gaining an FStop advantage?

I actually usually shoot wide open indoors with family shots and find wide open I usually have everyone in focus if the photo is everyone lined up together for the picture, only when people are at different distances do I have to stop down, but I get your point.  I like the creativity flexibility with having a larger aperture.

I've looked at the 12-35 but would rather keep with Oly lenses for my Oly body..

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I currently have an EPL5 and have been wondering if the 3 axis EM10 or 5 axis EM5 would give me a better f-stop advantage than my 2 axis EPL5 with non stabilized lenses?

I like the 12-40 for convenience but at 2.8 it may not be good enough for indoor family photo's (not to mention its size is prohibitive, but thats a different subject) unless the different levels of stabilization can make up the difference. Comparing to my 12 f2 and 45 f1.8 as a reference point. If I could get that in one lens then it might be worth ditching those primes in favour of the 12-40.

OK, here's the thing. If you have a wide angle for people shots, the whole point is to get everyone in focus. So you might need to stop down the 12mm anyway, which means 12-40mm should be comfortably able to replace your 12mm. Your 12-40mm is not going to replace the 45mm f/1.8 in any world.

I've found that f/2.8 is not stunning but as long as you're willing to push your ISO to 6400, you should be able to get 1/60 or faster in most lighting conditions, and if you use a flash now and then, you should be fine. You should just ignore the noise when people say you need to use a certain shutter speed for certain things. Maybe those things apply for when you're submitting pictures for Sports Illustrated, but you're just taking family snaps.

I use a 12-35mm quite a lot for indoor people shots in extremely poor lighting. It does quite well. Plus, if you're concerned about stabilization, remember 12-35mm has OIS, and also, you can often find it for less than $900.

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