2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

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Re: 2/3/5 axis IBIS and Stops advantage

I suppose you are talking about if I used the 12-40 with the EPL5 that the 2 axis would mean I would need to keep the shutter speed at 1/60 or faster, but what if I had the 3 axis with the EM10, or 5 axis with the EM5?  Would using the 12-40 on those cameras give a greater fstop advantage than my EPL5?

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I currently have an EPL5 and have been wondering if the 3 axis EM10 or 5 axis EM5 would give me a better f-stop advantage than my 2 axis EPL5 with non stabilized lenses?

I like the 12-40 for convenience but at 2.8 it may not be good enough for indoor family photo's (not to mention its size is prohibitive, but thats a different subject) unless the different levels of stabilization can make up the difference. Comparing to my 12 f2 and 45 f1.8 as a reference point. If I could get that in one lens then it might be worth ditching those primes in favour of the 12-40.

You pretty much need to stay at 1/60 or faster to take candids of people. Unless the pictures are posed people move to much and IS won't help. The 17mm f1.8 or 20mm f1.7 might be the best way to go even if you end up cropping sometimes.

If it is in your own house a good trick is to put brighter bulbs in your fixtures. Use 3500K (bright white) CFL's, maybe add a few floor & table lamps, and your house will still seem normal but will be much more photo-friendly.

Daylight CFL's sound good but actually look very blue. Bright white looks good and makes a big difference for white balance and good color. Warm white just does not have enough blue and gives poorer results in photos even if you shoot RAW. The blue channel is over-amplified.

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