Aspect ratio conundrum

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Aspect ratio conundrum

Photos look best on high resolution LCDs. Only old fuddy-duddies still think that printing stuff on dead trees is the best way to view photos.

And photos look best when they match the aspect ratio of the LCD. Otherwise there are ugly black bars somewhere.

The problem is that there is no standard aspect ratio for LCD screens.

16:9 all televisions, most computer monitors, Windows laptops, Microsoft Surface, iPhone 5

16:10 some high-end monitors, Android tablets, MacBook laptops

3:2 not used by any devices, but is the ratio used for all APS-C and full frame cameras

4:3 Ipad, old and obsolete TVs and computer monitors, Micro-Four-Thirds cameras

So 16:9 seems like the most represented LCD aspect ratio, but many photographers will balk about composing and cropping to this unfamiliar aspect ratio, which is very different from the more traditional photograph aspect ratios which vary from 5:4 to 3:2.

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