New pictures with NEX5N -- And question: which lens to buy to improve IQ?

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Re: New pictures with NEX5N -- And question: which lens to buy to improve IQ?

JeffNew wrote:

All the new comments are very practical as well. I understand them better after I bought the lenses.

I bought the vcl-ecu1 in addition to the 30mm yesterday. Here are my quick thoughs after the initial tests. I guess somebody similar in my situation might be interested.

I could not found any (meaningful?) difference b/w the 30mm and the 1855 at 30mm. I will take some more pictures. Hopefully I can find some IQ differences in some cases. I don't believe the 30mm got so high DxoMark score for nothing. Anywhere, at least it is lighter than 1855, and, looks nicer. The vcl-ecu1 gives broad views. It is certainly useful in some landscape photos. But it is heavy.

So indeed, it does not make too much sense to buy lenses just for the purpose of improving IQs for our ordinary guys. The basic truth is: it will not improve a lot. I addmit that I got a little bit of GAS, Gear acquisition syndrome. Fortunately, these 2 are not expensive. Spent some money just for doing something sometimes is a way of retierment life.

As a second thought, the 1650 might be the best lense for me. And it is so cheap now so it is very tempting that I go to buy one.

If what you want is to improve image quality, I don't see the point in buying the SELP650 (other than collecting gear) having the SEL1855. The IQ of the SELP1650 is on par with the SEL1855 or even below. The only advantage would be compactness, but you didn't mention you care about size and weight. And 16mm vs 18mm at the wide end, but you have it better covered with the SEL16+UWA converter.

The Sigma30 is considered one of the best lenses for E mount. If you can't see the difference between the Sigma30 and the SEL1855 at 30mm, I don't think you should buy any other lens within the 18-55 range.

From the point you are, slight improvements in IQ come at a very high investment. I think you could improve much more your pictures learning how to get the best of the equipment you already have rather than buying more stuff. It is far cheaper.

I recommend reading this:

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