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Re: Battery Performance

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Looks to me as a legacy bit of buggy remediation code that was never fixed and may not even be required in the k3.

If it is simply a bug in the firmware, Pentax should have nailed it long time ago. I think it is more of a hardware design problem. Very possibly the power analog circuit design if I would venture a guess. All Pentax DSLRs seems to be very sensitive to battery ever since *ist days when off-the-shelf AA batteries were used. I believe Pentax must have looked in that direction hard and that is probably why Pentax later went with " proprietary" batteries for K-series - to have a better control of battery quality. When I bought my first DSLR, the AA battery flexibility was one factor that drove me towards Pentax. Not any more, sorry to say that.

My gut (for lack of engineering knowledge) tells me it's power-related as well. In my case, it most often happened with a newly charged battery, 30-40 minutes after putting it in. It did happen with spent batteries as well though... and others have reported with the grip, when the power is almost out.

I will say, what is a big plus to me to the K3, K5-II, etc... is the battery life. In general it's phenomenal. And even though it's super impressive with the K3, the K5-II often went much further. Shooting time-lapse on the K5-II, I easily shot 4-5 hours sessions, 5000 shots on one battery.


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I wish I saw your post earlier and advised using Eneloops but since you did not have the battery grip on the K3, could have been useless. Anyway if the problem rises on my K5II, will try using Eneloops since Pentax grips also has a extra battery tray that uses AA batteries.

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