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Re: @ michaeldavidson !

JP Scherrer wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

Like JP said... you should have your computer set up so that when you insert any sort of photo media (SD, CF, etc) your Windows Explorer opens up and presents you with a list of photo transfer choices. Nikon Transfer is one of the options. That's how my computer has operated for years.

In fact, I don't even have to chose which photo transfer program to use: as soon as I insert a CF-card or SD card, Nikon Transfer automatically opens ! I only have to click on "DOWNLOAD", then it does its job, deletes the images in the card, call ViewNX and goes off ! ...and ViewNX opens within the newly created "2014-03-23" subdirectory all on its own ! Magic !

BTW, my 3 PCs, 1 desktop and 2 laptops, all run under Windows 7 Home Premium !

I don't let the software delete any images, but yes, that is an option as well, just like automatically starting your favorite editor, or manually selecting/deselecting images to download. In fact, I find Nikon Transfer a very good software for automatic downloading of images.

I use it on Windows 7 Professional, but also used on Windows XP Pro and never had any trouble with it.

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