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Looks to me as a legacy bit of buggy remediation code that was never fixed and may not even be required in the k3.

If it is simply a bug in the firmware, Pentax should have nailed it long time ago. I think it is more of a hardware design problem. Very possibly the power analog circuit design if I would venture a guess. All Pentax DSLRs seems to be very sensitive to battery ever since *ist days when off-the-shelf AA batteries were used. I believe Pentax must have looked in that direction hard and that is probably why Pentax later went with " proprietary" batteries for K-series - to have a better control of battery quality. When I bought my first DSLR, the AA battery flexibility was one factor that drove me towards Pentax. Not any more, sorry to say that.

I did think it was most likely just a firmware issue and rather hoped that was the cause. However the evidence of other people having never seen the fault started to mount, until GoremanX (who had never had the fault) attempted to reproduce it. He used the same settings as I had used to reproduce the fault, but on his camera no fault was triggered in 15000 frames.

Actually, 15,000 frames isn't actually enough to prove whether it will suffer the fault or not... though I'm on your side at least in theory.

15,000 is just two shooting days for me, and I did have at least one day recently where I did not have the problem at all, followed by the problem occurring on the next big shoot day, but later into that day... so it's absolutely possible to go through 10,000-15,000 frames without running into the fault, even with a camera known to have it.

So it seems that not all K-3 bodies are susceptible to this fault condition. The evidence does not seem to support any conditions having influence over how likely it is for the fault to occur, so I don't think I'll speculate on the possible causes any more.

The biggest problem is the inconsistency of the fault itself. It might be that some K3s are not effected... or it could just be luck of the draw when the fault itself shows up... or even that some people aren't running into the exact conditions that cause it. Some experience it early on when their camera is new, some after a whole lot of shutter actuations. No one knows since no one knows the cause... again, at least in theory.

And if it is a power problem, maybe there are just bad batches of batteries and AC adaptors (???) ... Again, we can only speculate at this point, until Pentax figures it out... if they ever do. I hope they do. And I do hope there are K3s that aren't effected!


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