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Re: Try Windows build-in file transfer.

Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> ... -> Change default setting for media or device.

For Windows 8: Import photo and videos

For Windows 7: Import picture and videos using Windows

Turn on AutoPlay.

Some of the neat features of this W8/W7 app:

  • Create new folders any where you want and use 'date picture taken' for folder names and transfer pictures as such.
  • Prompt to enter 'Tag' name, which may be whatever text entry you would enter. The 'Tag' will be part of the new folder name as well. Like '2014-03-21 family picnics', ...
  • The 'Tag' entry will also be written to every picture files. It will be embedded under the file property TAG (Windows) or KEYWORD (Nikon). This can be very useful if you're using an advanced file manager app or database app.
  • When encounter duplicate entries during file transfer, Windows can make 2nd copies or overwrite the original.
  • Erase files on memory card after transfer.

All of the above options can be set one way or another. Once it's set, no more user attention is required. Next time you connect the camera or insert memory card, AutoPlay will start it. All you need to do is: Enter your 'TAG' text if that feature is enabled, or just press the ENTER key.

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