V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

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Raw Files?

billslatteryjr wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

billslatteryjr wrote:

D800 RAW images converted to JPG do not come out as 36mp. They vary depending on subject. The RAW images out of the camera of these shots ran around 43.4 -43.8 mp. And they're only that close to each other in size because the subject is so similar.

I'm sorry Bill but that makes no sense. I believe you are confusing mega bytes with mega pixels. Converting a 36 MP RAW file to JPEG does not lower the number of megapixels (MP).

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Mike Dawson

You're right Mike I was quoting MBs. Sorry for the confusion.

I know it is bit of trouble on your part, but would it be possible to see the raw files?

if you go to yousendit or drop box or even Nikon image space you can upload and share a link by emailing it to yourself and pasting here.

if not that is ok,

thanks for sharing the images

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