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Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

So are you shooting landscape and architecture at f/2? What other conditions do you use that require sharp corners at f/2 (which usually isn't the case for most lenses while shooting that bright anyways)

No, I'm not shooting at f/2 as I currently use a DSLR. If I used a 1/1.7" compact I sure would shoot at f/2 of f/1.4 if the lens quality allowed that (i.e. with sufficiently sharp corners). For most of my shooting the DOF would be sufficient at that aperture, which is equivalent to about f/5.6 on my APS-C camera. On my DSLR with 15-85IS lens I often use about f/4 in less than ideal lighting, but I would definitely use f/2.8 for some shots if possible.

A bright lens that is sharp into the corners full open is also very nice for astrophotography.

Astro requires not a razor sharp lens but a wide lens that has good coma performance. Which is very rare wide-open. F2 sharp corners is more likely to be used for interior shooting. With dull lighting and wide-angle needs.

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