Overexposed - some help please.

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Re: Overexposed - some help please.

This was run through PhotoNinja since I was playing with that recently and find it quite good at restoring blown highlights. Nothing was otherwise manipulated.

Of course, everyone has their own technique as illustrated above, to which they are welcome. I am not trying to change other's ways nor do I intend to change what works for me.

Personally, I use the 3 colour histogram as my exposure meter, exposing to the right but avoiding clipping. Blinkies do not sense all three colours and operate only by the luminance histogram anyway. Secondly, the histogram (either luminance or chrominance) only operates on the processed jpg stored in the RAW file - not the basic RAW file itself.

Because of the latter, the contrast setting of the camera, exposure compensation, colour balance and something else that escapes my memory at this moment are ALL used when the internally generated jpg thumbnail is created FROM which the histogram and Blinkies are derived - even though the whole operation is being taken in RAW !

Try this; change the contrast setting from minimum to maximum while shooting RAW (which is unchanged by that setting) and the Blinkies and colour histogram can be made to 'show clipping' and 'not show clipping' accordingly without altering the RAW file at all. Try photographing a vivid RED subject, look at the colour histogram clipping the RED channel and yet you will never see the Blinkies. They aren't worked from the RED channel.

To avoid clipping too early with increasing exposure, I set my camera contrast to minimum. The downside is that the rear screen image is ALSO derived from the internal jpg and looks a bit flat.

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Cheers, Tony.

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