V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

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Re: V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

Here's 3 more. These have no correction to them at all. Just converted from RAW to JPG by Lightroom and the D4 & D800 were cropped to approx. the same view as the uncropped V1. The catcher in most of these photos is as still as a model would be. I zeroed in on the print on the catchers right knee to check the quality. The V1 seems the easiest to read out of camera. But after processing the D800 comes out best. The 16mp D4 is worst.

I used ISO 400 because the V1 is known to be pretty bad at 800 and with the light that was there 400 seemed the best. 5.6f was the widest the lens does. So the SS is as fast as it could go.

D800 RAW images converted to JPG do not come out as 36mp. They vary depending on subject. The RAW images out of the camera of these shots ran around 43.4 -43.8 mp. And they're only that close to each other in size because the subject is so similar.

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