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I have the G1X Mark II and I confirm that 24mm at F2 is soft/blurry.

24mm is good at F4.

That would negate much of the advantage of a high speed lens at that focal length..

Not completely. At very high ISO and low-light conditions you lose lot of that detail and resolution at entire image. So if you'd shoot at ISO 3200 f2.0 instead of ISO 6400 f2.8 it should still be better. Especially if you have no choice and you want to capture fast movement without blurring.

Again not unique to G1X Mark II. Any 24mm zoom lens I've seen exhibit this. The bigger question is if it's more than other comparable camera's in this class. Couldn't answer that until we see full test (e.g. Imaging resource as nice test at different apertures and focal lengths).

The previous G1 Mark lens should be better in theory given less ambitious zoom range but then you don't have same flexible zoom range. So it's trade-off. If you never shoot at 24mm or full 120mm you're not getting much from the new lens but both increased upper ranges can be really useful at times.

That's exactly what I'm thinking as well, and i'm not sure why no one seems to understand this.

In such low light, detail will be lost no matter what. F2.0 allows more flexibility, you can still shoot at F2.8 or F4 or whatever you want, but you can also shoot @ F2.0. Not sure why everyone is having such big issues with this.

Before even having the camera, I have an easy fix for this, try not using F2.0, or use the step zoom to keep it at 28mm. Problem solved.

Before you say "but i ONLY shoot at F2.0 and 24mm" well, if you actually did, then you'd know of this issue anyways. Also the canon S120 I just handled had this same issue, but it would only go to F1.8 in very low light, where you'd be forced to use higher ISO or wider apertures anyway. I'm also quite certain many other cameras that are able to shoot at so bright and wide will have this issue. No worries unless you're unable to adjust settings on your own.

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