V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

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Re: V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

billslatteryjr wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

billslatteryjr wrote:

Focus point was on the catcher's head. Matrix.

Post processing really made the cropped D800 shine. I couldn't get the V1 to sharpen any good and Lightroom's noise reduction made the V1 postcard like waxy. So I liked the PPed D800 the best.

I'm asking for help with V1 PP in the Nikon1 forum. But haven't got any tips yet.

Here's the original D800 shot at 1600max. The cropped shot is 3.06mp while the full shot is 20.9mp. So I'm thinking I can get 7 better D800 photos for every V1. LOL

I don't understand. The cropped shot is 3 MP and the full shot is 21 MP? But the D800 is 36 MP. What do you mean "the full shot is 20.9mp"?

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Mike Dawson

The full JPG converted from RAW by Lightroom is 20.9mp. So 17mp were cropped away to make the 3mp D800 photo in the original post.

So if you were photographing individual pictures of a team, you could space 7 kids out on the bleachers and crop out 7 photos that'd be better than doing each kid by themselves with a V1.

Still trying to make sure I understand the cropping involved.  So the "full jpeg" has already been cropped by almost half, correct?  That's what confuses me.  The "full jpeg" in my mind should be 36 MP.

So the wider angle view you call the "full jpeg" is already a 3/5 crop.  You then further cropped the photo down to 3 MP for the tight crop.  Is that correct?

In any event, your comparison does seem to demonstrate that a cropped D800 photo stands up very well to a V1 uncropped image.

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Mike Dawson

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