Overexposed - some help please.

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Re: Overexposed - some help please.

Van Griff wrote:


When shooting with a bright background I find the best solution to be:

1. Shoot RAW to allow greatest PP latitude.

2. I set my FN button to Lock Exposure.

3. Set your Exposure Compensation to +2 [experiment with a range of +1 - +3].

4. Set spot metering.

5. Lock your exposure on the brightest point in the image . . . be it sky . . . or snow . . . or whatever appears to be the brightest spot.

6. Adjust your exposure to suit using the lowest ISO possible and required aperture and shutter speeds.

7. Re-frame and capture your image.

8. Check for blinkies and expose to the right on your histogram . . . adjust and re shoot the image if necessary.

9. You should end up with an exposure where your brightest point is not overblown . . . other areas may be underexposed but this is usually fairly easily successfully corrected in PP.

The key is to spot meter on the brightest part of the image with approx +2 EC . . . lock your exposure meter . . . and set your ISO / Aperture / SS . . . accordingly.

Good luck with it!



Hi Van Griff....really appreciate such a detailed explanation...I really need to read, understand and learn this...and I will...
Much appreciate your time and help...it is MUCH appreciated.
Best wishes

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