V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

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Re: V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

billslatteryjr wrote:

Here's 3 photos taken from 3 different cameras mounted on a tripod using the new 80-400 lens at a distance of 390 feet in upper right center. All were taken at 400mm in 5.6 aperture mode with ISO set at 400. There was an overcast sky with no shadows at 1PM. The V1 shot at 1/640sec while the D4 & D800 shot at 1/500 sec. The V1 with FT-1 adapter was shot with +.7 exposure compensation. So the exposure on the photo here was lowered -.6 in Lightroom. The D4 had +.3 exposure compensation so it was lowered -.24 in Lightroom. The D800 was left as is. Other than cropping the D4 and D800, no other adjustments were made. V1 was not cropped. I'd very much appreciate any feedback.

I guess I would say the D800 has the most detail

The V1 at ISO 400 looks very good, better than I expected.

of course dropping it down by .7 is like shooting ISO 250

I would like to see the V1 in sunlight with shadows, where noise can be very visible in shadows

impressive how similar the umpire and catcher are in each image

I would for one would like to see the three raw files through a drop box link

thanks for sharing

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