XF 10-24 - Optical Correction vs Image Processing In Camera

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Re: How about the XF-14 ?

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Thanks for posting this, Chris. I begin to wonder if the amazing observations of no distortion on lens like the xf14 (assumed to be the result of great optical design) are false.

According to Photozone's tests of the 14/2.8 XF lens:

"The produced distortion of the Fujinon is possibly the biggest surprise in this review - it has almost none (0.4% barrel distortion). This is also valid for the RAW data so there's no active auto-correction necessary here."

For raw files, the optical correction parameter estimates computed by Fujifilm's R&D staff are transferred from the on-board lens firmware to the raw file. Third-party raw rendering software applies these corrections during rendering. Some programs (Adobe) automatically apply the corrections no matter what, others let you decide and and a few ignore them altogether.

They might have a assumed raw would not contain the corrections, as we are finding out it does...so I guess it depends on what raw converter Photozone used and how it was set. Maybe they were fooled by this?

True, maybe someone with a 14mm can try this test and post the results?

Ok, I gave it a try. No difference in distortion I can make out. I setup with manual focus, 2.8 on tripod with timer, sooc jpegs. The first shot was the one with lens turned till contacts were not aligned. It came out a little blurry, maybe the lens shook with the shutter since the lens was somewhat loose?

I am certain the folks at Photozone are sharper than I, but that would [not] have been funny if there was huge barrel distortion that nobody caught

Lens contacts detached.

Lens fully engaged.

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