Overexposed - some help please.

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Re: Overexposed - some help please....RON

What mode do you have your metering in? For this particular shot you would be best to have it in a wide matrix mode that includes the sky. I have been experimenting lately by using a narrow spot metering. With it you can easily get the exposure you got, by metering on the relatively dark horse. That does a nice job of the horse but blows out the sky. So, what I do is move the spot around to give me a nice sky that looks about right in the view finder. The horse is going to look underexposed, but that is ok. To do this you would have to put the spot on part of the horse and part of the sky and lock it there. If your camera is focusing at the same time, it has to be a part that is going to give an acceptable focus too. I find this method quicker than using exposure compensation. But of course you can do that too. Manually adjust the compensation until the viewfinder looks right. Bracket it to be sure you get a workable image.

The bottom line is that you can't recover blown highlights, but you can work with bringing out underexposed areas.

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