V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

Started Mar 22, 2014 | Discussions thread
Scott McMorrow Regular Member • Posts: 366
Re: V1, D800, D4 & 80-400 @ 390'

Magnification is not the same in each of these photos.  If you zoom in on the umpire's circular patch you'll see that the V1 shows higher magnification than the D800, than the D4.  As a result, the V1 looks to have more blur.  However, if you look at the grass near the fence, the V1 photograph has higher resolution, as there is more texture shown in the grass than on the other two photos.  The appearance of a slightly blurrier V1 photo may be because of unequal magnification, or may be due to a bit more motion blur with the V1.

After final sharpening and PP, I would say it's close.  I'd like to see a comparison with optimal sharpening and resizing to the same magnification.

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