D610 and real world AF feedback for low light

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Re: D610 and real world AF feedback for low light

spineguy wrote:

Your settings seem to be much darker than I have experienced with my daughters dance. The worst settings I have used have been 1/400 f2.8 with ISO jacked to 12000. I try to never shoot below 400 as the blur would be too much.

That was a pretty extreme example just to show it focused even then. I do occasionally get misses even with more light, but generally consider it is very good, it really depends on the target. As long as you have enough contrast on your target you should really not have any problems in these conditions. I almost always use f/2 and not f/2.8 but I don't know if the camera has better focus with a "faster" than f/2.8 lens... I think not?

The stealth mode I referred to was regarding shutter sounds. My D3s was quite loud during some of the slower song solos and dramatic dances. Even when I timed my shots and was not machine gun shooting..

Yes, the shutter noise is IMO better on the D600/D610 than other models, and I take photos in places that are extremely quiet. You need the music/noise to be pretty loud for someone close to you to not hear it, even with the D600. You can use Q mode and release the button (for the second part of the click) when there is more sound convering it.

The only thing to be careful of, if using Q mode, is that it's possible to accidentally move the finger slightly, and instead of keeping it on the shutter button, you release and re-press it (without noticing), so you suddenly get two clicks. It only happens rarely but still worth keeping in mind.

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