Nikon D610 JPEG rendering

Started Mar 22, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Nikon D610 JPEG rendering

Carsten Pauer 2 wrote:

I noticed that when I shoot RAW+JPEG on my D610 on high ISOs, the JPEGs come out with this super odd, blocky, chromatic noise that the RAWs don't have. It happens whether I have in-camera High ISO noise reduction on or off.

Probably a hot/unshielded Chip in the Camera there add this "blocky noise" when the RAW is reduced to the JPEG.

No, it is a typical Nikon noise. Same in the D300s and the V1 also. It is the color moire typical for Nikon, and it is a shame that Nikon does not manage to take care of that in the camera and force us to use raw and work extra just to get rid of the ugly yellow/green cast.

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