Olympus OM-D E-M1. Exposure Compensation with Auto ISO in Manual Mode.

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thxbb12 wrote:

Yes, I can well understand that.

However, to realise your creative on a particular shoot you may wish to have a particular aperture and no other aperture, and in addition to that you may want to have a particular shutter speed (perhaps to give a precise amount of motion blur, an example of this would be shooting a water fall where the photographer wants a fixed aperture and also wants to manually control the level of blur in the water and in addition may want to bracket exposure so bracketing by use of altering the ISO would be great).

If those two paramaters (aperture and shutter speed) are fixed by you, then the only other parameter left to control exposure (or image brightness for those of a more pedantic nature) is ISO and AUTO ISO provides this facility.

However, the problem with Auto ISO in Manual Mode as implemented by Oly and a few others is that your resultant images will always be stuck at the "standard exposure", there is no ability to tweak the exposure a little. Allowing for EC (exposure compensation) in Auto ISO Manual Exposure Mode, as Pentax and Nikon have done for years, enables the photographer to tweak the exposure a little.

In fact for many users of this feature (Auto ISO Manual Exposure Mode) there is very little reason to have the camera set in any other mode but Manul Exposure Mode because altering the shutter speed is tantamount to being in Shutter Speed Priority Mode, and altering the aperture is tantamount to being in Aperture Priority Mode.

I hope I have articulated well the reason for wanting Auto ISO in Manual Exposure Mode?

Great explanation. I'm always surprised by how many people don't seem to understand the value of EC in auto ISO manual mode. Coming from Pentax and Nikon, I'm very frustrated by Oly's auto ISO implementation (Pana is even worse). I think Nikon has the best implementation. Not only can one use EC in auto ISO manual mode, but one can also set a minimum shutter speed and bias the auto ISO algorithm in order to be more or less sensitive to shake. This latest feature is really extremely useful. Oly has the best IBIS implementation, yet there is no way to tell the auto ISO algorithm to take advantage of these 2 or 3 stops. Say it would choose 1/40 at f/1.8 with a 17mm lens when I know I could get sharp pictures at 1/20 or 1/10 (assuming the subject is still). Both Nikon and Pentax allow one to control the bias of auto ISO.

This being said, if at least Oly would implement EC in auto ISO manual mode that would be a good start. Unfortunately I'm afraid there is no firmware update allowing it as of today. If there is a petition, I'll definitely sign it.

Canon too now, with the latest firmware posted in January for the 1DX, allow the user to set shutter speed in Auto ISO. However, the shutter speed chosen in Auto ISO settings is only applicable in Aperture Priority and Program Modes and for exposure bracketing in Manual Mode because I guess their view is that if you are in Manual Mode, even with Auto ISO set, you the photographer are in total control of the shutter speed and can decide for yourself how best to marry shutter speed with a lens' stabilisation ability.

I think the reason Oly haven't implemented it (Auto ISO in M) is for the same reason they don't have a fully articulating LCD: just to be plain stubborn and different and not to do something that others are doing even if others are doing what is really the only sensible way for it to be done. Canon suffered the same idiocy for a very long time in steadfastly refusing to offer remote flash control with their cam's onboard pop-up flash, and until now not offering Auto ISO in Manual Exposure Mode.

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