D610 and real world AF feedback for low light

Started Mar 22, 2014 | Discussions thread
OP spineguy Forum Member • Posts: 52
Re: D610 and real world AF feedback for low light

thank you very much for your feedback on your experience with the D600/D610.

Your settings seem to be much darker than I have experienced with my daughters dance.  The worst settings I have used have been 1/400 f2.8 with ISO jacked to 12000.  I try to never shoot below 400 as the blur would be too much.

I also only use spot metering as the lights are usually on my subject.  I use center focus with AF-C.

Sounds like the D610 is capable of handling those lighting situations.

The stealth mode I referred to was regarding shutter sounds.  My D3s was quite loud during some of the slower song solos and dramatic dances.  Even when I timed my shots and was not machine gun shooting..

thanks again!

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