Canon g1 x mark 2 review

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jimr wrote:

kinglau711 wrote:

I have the G1X Mark II and I confirm that 24mm at F2 is soft/blurry.

24mm is good at F4.

That would negate much of the advantage of a high speed lens at that focal length..

Yes, with a DSLR lens one could say it helps to get a brighter viewfinder but that doesn't apply here (except that it probably helps for viewfinder visibility with low light shots).

My somewhat comparable 15-85IS DSLR lens is f/3.5 at the 24mm equiv. position and pretty good at f/4. Will be interesting to compare the image quality of these two at 24mm equiv. Judging from the samples I have seen the large aperture lens is only interesting for those who don't need sharp corners (or best image quality in general).

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