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Lucien... please, forget about the s100 and RX100, this thread is about the G1X2. This issue with the G1X2 is that the lens is flawed, period. If you look at the 12 resolution charts half way down this page:

Half of them are sharp in the center and blurry at the corners, the other half are sharp at the corners and not so sharp in the center.

that would suggest field curvature (which may or may not be a problem at other distance setting for outside shots) or a misaligned lens.

Therefore, if the lens will not give you sharp images from corner to corner and in the center across the entire focal range and f stops, WHAT GOOD IS IT. I would not buy camera for $800 (or even $100) with a 2 year old, outdated 13 MP sensor and a lens like that.

Agree. Just looking at the testcard images it doesn't look much better than the 5x cheaper S110 IMHO. But I don't pay much attention to such testcard shots as they are not representative for my type of photography. It does look like the ambitious bright lens is mostly for bragging rights, and not very useful for general photography (with the lens near wide open). I will be comparing images with my 450D + 15-85IS lens; if the G1X Mk II is better at f/4 than my current combo I might still buy it because of size/weight and tilt screen - if no better option comes along in the next months.

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