Blasted EM-1 focusing! 12-40 is nice but much better on the GX7

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Re: To confirm

Brian Wadie wrote:

"Unfortunately, around 1/200s I'm afraid I cannot find a single shot I have taken that I would call 'razor sharp'."

As someone who had shutter shock experiences with the EM-5 I can only sympathise with you, its strange and frustrating that some of us do have problems and some don't using the same equipment but from my experience there is no evidence that it is a generic problem linked to any particular combination of lens and body.

As I said, I looked very carefully for this effect with the EM-1 and have not found one example of it with any of my lens, including the 12-40 (and that's a total of over 50k shots so far)

(With the EM-5 it was a Gaussian distribution of probability of seeing SS, peaking at around 1/160th sec and with the tails at around 1/60th sec and 1/320th sec. Outside this band of shutter speed, higher or lower, I never saw a single example of SS, Sample size was around 1000 images)

So much to learn, so little time left to do it!

Thanks for the vote of sympathy Brian. And for the info.

Whilst I haven't had your locking up issues I too am on my second E-M1 (first one had suspected internal condensation shorting out its circuits) and have had what I think is SS problems on both bodies with my 12-40. I can't be sure if it is affecting my 75-300 ii or not as I simply don't have a large enough sample size with it (I know you do!).

The second body is now in Portugal at the Olympus repair facility so we'll see what happens next.


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