Trying out an old sigma 24mm f2.8 macro screwdriver lens

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Trying out an old sigma 24mm f2.8 macro screwdriver lens

Just got this today. My hope being this would be the same size lens as the nikon 24mm f2.8D, which is it, but actually perform decently. They can be had fairly cheap so I figured why not give one a try.

On my D700, the nikon 24 f2.8 AF-D has -really- soft corners and wasn't that great in the center until f8. The corners didn't look OK until f16. This Sigma seems good in the center even wide open, the corners don't sharpen up till f11, at f8 they are OK. So far seems a step up from the nikon version.

Then I went out to my local park with it on my D200 and this seems to be a nice combo. It's a nice compact lens on this camera and ends up with the FOV of a 35mm on FX, a focal length I like a lot. The AF is really noisy and sounds bad if it has to move very far but seems that's how these are. Otherwise the build quality seems pretty decent, no worst than the nikon AF-D. I set the camera up to use the aperture ring, which I like. I also like it can focus really close, which can be useful.

It was really harsh lighting today but the images didn't show a crazy amount of CA even wide open. Attached is a shot wide open straight OOC with no PP, looks pretty sharp to me for an older wide angle lens. The bokeh even seems pretty decent for a lens like this.

For a first outing playing around with it, I can see this being a nice prime for use on a crop body, usable at any fstop. I'm also thinking if shot at f8-f11, or of subjects where the corners are OOF anyway at wider stops, this might be a decent lens for a lower rez FX body as well. I'm having a D200 converted for IR and this might end up being the lens I use on it rather than the 24mm 2.8D.

For the little bit of time I have shot with it, I feel confidant saying this is a step up in IQ over the nikon 24mm f2.8D. It's still not great on FX, but at least on a DX body it's sharp from f2.8, the nikon lens isn't.

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