7D focus better without IS?

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Re: 7D focus better without IS?

I recall some talk about this back when the 7d came out . Someone ( not me ) theorized that the 7d could send focus commands to the lens faster than the lens could do af AND is  ( by the time the lens stabilized the lens and did af the 7d was well into the next set of af commands ( signals ) and the lens could not catch up . So the fix was to turn off is for fast moving subjects and go back to the old( er ) rule for shutter speed - 1 / ( focal length x 1.6 for apsc ). Focal length of 200 would be 1 / ( 200 x 1.6 ) =
 1/320 for a hand held foto most likely to be sharp .

Then go ahead to tweek 7d af settings if so necessary . Leastways thats what I recall .


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