The most annoying new fad in photography

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Re: The most annoying new fad in photography

John Summers wrote:

My peeves are the overly long exposures of "rushing water." Never in my life have I seen such intended blur that expressed realism or art in any way.

Blurry water isn't supposed to represent realism  Whether or not it's considered good art is, of course, going to vary from one person to the next.  Your opinion that it is not is just as valid as someone who thinks it is.

The other annoyance are the cutie pie terms as Panny, Tammy, and that god awful word bokeh.

The word "bokeh" is based on the Japanese word meaning 'blur' or 'haze', so it is a valid word.  I agree with the cutesy spellings of manufacturer words.  The one that I find most childish is "Canikon".

"I picked one up" referring to a purchase. The phrase sounds more like shoplifting than purchasing. But hey that's ok. Sometimes I'm such a grouch I offend myself.

Yeah, I've never had a problem with "I picked one up"; now it just sounds like you're nitpicking


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