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Lucien... please, forget about the s100 and RX100, this thread is about the G1X2. This issue with the G1X2 is that the lens is flawed, period. If you look at the 12 resolution charts half way down this page:

Half of them are sharp in the center and blurry at the corners, the other half are sharp at the corners and not so sharp in the center. Therefore, if the lens will not give you sharp images from corner to corner and in the center across the entire focal range and f stops, WHAT GOOD IS IT. I would not buy camera for $800 (or even $100) with a 2 year old, outdated 13 MP sensor and a lens like that. IMO, Canon really dropped the ball on this one, even worse than the original G1X. Can you not see an issue with this lens and its sharpness? Do you think it is a quality lens?

For people who were excited about the specs, starting at 24mm with f2.0, (which was/is one of the biggest selling points) it seems that its nothing to be so excited about after all. And, getting very soft edges across the focal range is also nothing to be proud of either

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